Catering by Lia’s

Means a Stress Free Party for You

We cater here at the restaurant for every kind of event. Lia’s Mountain View uses the finest ingredients, beautifully presented, with a choice of menus for engagements, banquets, weddings, parties, baptisms, baby showers, funerals, and club or company gatherings. We are expert at handling groups, large or small, and are happy to make sure everyone has what they want. Let us make your event smooth, easy and fun for you as well as the guests.

May we advise you to call as soon as you know the date? We want you to have your special event on the day and time you choose.

Remember, we cater off-site, too. Bring Lia’s Mountain View’s mouthwatering dishes to enhance your event, party or occasion. You’ll be very glad you did.

Call us at (518) 398-7311 and we’ll help you give an event to remember.