Dinner at Lia's

We bring you the flavors of our heritage

What draws folks back for dinner at Lia’s time after time? We call it Home Made Italian food. Our restaurant is our home, where we cook and entertain you, our friends. We source ingredients the way we do in Italy, fresh herbs and vegetables from our garden, and everything else is fresh and local. Chef Nick learned recipes from his parents, Giuseppe and Nina, and brings his own 20 years of experience to meeting the discerning tastes of Dutchess County diners.

Our bread? House made every day. Our pasta sauces? Home made and scrumptious. Olive oil? Extra Virgin, of course. Salads? Fresh, fresh, fresh with our own home-made dressings! Cheeses? Coach Farm and Chaseholm. Beef? Joseph Meiller, right here in Pine Plains. Fish? Fresh from Hunts Point Market in the Bronx.

People love our signature chicken dishes, Chicken Vivace and Chicken Monreale, our zesty appetizers, our fresh salads, our house made pizzas, our succulent steaks and Lia’s luscious desserts. We have customers who come week after week for Shrimp & Scallop Mountain View (sea scallops and shrimps with artichokes, mushrooms and a white wine lobster sauce, served over linquine.) So many choices, so many favorites.

Please note prices are subject to change without notice.