The Mountain View Family of Great Cooks

What would be the absolute best way to learn to cook? Most likely it would be watching, learning, and tasting as your parents prepare fresh, delicious traditional Italian dishes that contain a magical special ingredient: love. That bred-in- the bone understanding of good Italian home cooking is something that Nick, Lia, Vinnie and Maria had passed down to them by Giuseppe and Nina. When you are ordering from the Mountain View Menu, you know there’s a wonderful family team working behind the scenes to make your meal fresh, special and truly Italian.

Meet the Home Team:

CHEF NICK MIRTO learned to make the food that everybody loves, and that we serve at Lia’s Mountain View every day. Of course, he picked up a lot along the way. Preparing excellent food is a collaborative process. If it works, you keep doing it!

Chef Nick was born in Sicily and great Italian Food is his birthright. He started his adult cooking career baking bread and pizza at the family restaurant. Later he developed his mother’s recipes, learning from great chefs and great books, and he learned to “know” intuitively how something should taste. He firmly believes that a good palate makes a good chef.

MARIA (MIRTO) WRIGHT brings different set of culinary chops to bring to the table. Twenty years ago she started making Cheesecake. Over time as she experimented and perfected the recipe, it just got better. Try it today and you’ll agree. For special occasions, Maria creates our signature Apple Cake. Ask her for the recipe? No way, apart from apples, nuts and coconut she says the rest is secret. She also created a number of our fresh salad dressings that are outrageously popular: Lemon Dill, Parmesan Peppercorn, and Green God- dess. Combining simple, fresh ingredients and a little bit of love. her dressings are in demand all year round.

Lia (Mirto) Cort has a natural affinity for making irresistible desserts. Her Biscotti is legendary, (order ahead to take some home). Her Ricotta Cheese- cake is a different take on Cheesecake and you may have to try both Lia’s and Maria’s to see which is your favorite (tough job!) Lia also makes the traditional Sicilian savory Arancini (rice balls) that are a favorite item every weekend. In addition to her kitchen contributions, Lia is the avid gardener behind our garden fresh kitchen items, growing tomatoes, a full array of herbs, celery, peppers, zucchini and more.