Our Family History


Our story begins in a small town, Monreale, Sicily. A town that is a little bigger than Pine Plains, but home to the Mirto family for generations, and where we still have a home to this day.

In 1965 Lia, her father Giuseppe, mother Nina, and her siblings: Nick, Maria and Vincenza. all set sail on the Christopher Columbus and joined other family members in the Bronx. Giuseppe loved to eat, loved to make life a party. His motto was “A Tavola!” “Let’s Eat!” In 1976 the family moved to Yorktown Heights and started a small restaurant and bakery – the Brick Oven Bakery - which quickly became a success. Both Giuseppe and Nina cooked, sharing recipes and ideas. Their style of food was Southern Italian, influenced by the Mediterranean, infused with the spices of the Middle East, savory and sweet, and fresh, always fresh, ingredients.



Giuseppe & Nina always loved the country, loved growing their own garden just like Giuseppe’s father and his father’s father. In 1983, when they heard that this property was available, they came to Pine Plains and fell in love with it. They loved the town, people here were welcoming, they could raise fresh vegetables here surrounded by a magnificent view of farm fields and Stissing Mountain. Daughters Maria and Vincenza came to Pine Plains with Giuseppe & Nina. Gradually the other children joined them here, Nick in the 80s, Lia in the late 90s and their children grew up here, attending Pine Plains schools.



Lia’s Mountain View grew, the family added on to the building and the space became a focal point for the community. It’s not so much a restaurant as that people feel as though they are coming to our house for dinner. This is where people come because they want to celebrate, or because they don’t want to cook. They love our food, we prepare it with love and serve it with pleasure. Whether they gather for weddings, birthdays, christenings, class reunions, on group tours, for or society meetings, they always return because the welcome and the food are that good.

Three generations bring you classic family recipes, good taste, and a shared gift for entertaining. Come for lunch or dinner and celebrate our beautiful Mountain View!



In July 2010 the Mirto family faced its greatest challenge. A fire started above the kitchen in a fluorescent fitting just after closing time. Within minutes, a passerby spotted the smoke and by then the fire was advanced. The upstairs was destroyed, elsewhere water and smoke had done their worst. For all the family, but especially 84-year old Giuseppe, it was devastating.


As the sixteen months passed that the restaurant was closed, the town watched eagerly for signs of rebuilding. People saw signs of progress and stopped in to find out more: “Are you open yet?” “We saw the curtains go up!”

It was a bittersweet re-opening for the family because Giuseppe did not live to see it. But the reborn Lia’s Mountain View was bigger, with a new bar and bigger kitchen, and it was imbued with his love of life and his spirit.


Happily, Nonna Nina is still very much with us and the family shares in the restaurant, and the life of Pine Plains, as they have always done. As you dine here, you’ll get to know Nick, our Chef, and his sisters Lia, Maria, and Vincenza. Lia’s sons work or worked here. Joe, is bartender and also John, who made our pizzas, is now in the military. Maria’s daughter Ariana is a waitress. Vin- nie’s daughter, Mackenzie has worked here, as have Nick’s daughters, Mar- cella and Mallory. It is more than a way of life, more than a restaurant. For our family, Lia’s Mountain View is a family tradition and a passion.