We Love Our Guests and They Love Lia's Mountain View


“Lia’s is our favorite relaxed restaurant for homemade Italian food in the Hudson Valley.”
      – Jeff Daly & Gary Delemeester

“We have been coming to Lia’s for 15 years. We always know we will have great food, and friendly service. The prices are reasonable. It’s our favorite restaurant in the area.”
     – John Reeser & Brian Gerser

“The one thing we thought we would never be able to replace when we moved to Pine Plains several years ago was our local eatery in New Jersey where we were not just customers but where we were family. How fortunate for us that we found that same warm family environment at Lia’s Mountain View. Not only is the restaurant run by a lovely family and support staff, but you are treated with graciousness and warmth not common in most establishments.

We have not only had countless lovely dinners at Lia’s, we have had great success with their catering! John and I entertained a large gathering of friends and family over the holidays and Lia’s took care of everything. Our guests raved about the food and we were actually able to enjoy the party and the company of our guests. We found every- thing they supplied exceeded our expectations.”

     – Ken Sexton & John Kirwin

“We have enjoyed Lia’s for over 25 years. The food is excellent, the service excellent and friendly. We feel like family.”
     – Michael & Sandy Hecht

“Eating at the Mountain View is special...it’s real, it’s authentic....and, like other things in ones’ life, is a place that will always bring back memories of good times, good food, and the great people at this very special restaurant. If you haven’t eaten at Lia’s Mountain View...start now and begin creating your own memories.”

     – Joan Osofsky

“I have been eating at Lia’s Mountain View roughly for 30 years always looking forward to a mouthwatering meal, always consistant good food, perfectly cooked and served in a friendly, family atmosphere. One of the best kept se- cretes in the Hudson Valley.”

     – Paul Fournier